Cargo Theft to Spike 30-40%

Cargo theft

Expect cargo theft to spike between 30-40% over this holiday weekend. Want to help protect yourself? Check out our tips below: The best things to do focus around protecting the cargo while it is at rest. This is especially true when it is in a trailer at a truck stop or in an unsecured lot…

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Breaking News: FMCSA Kills SFD Changes!


The FMCSA just announced that it is withdrawing its controversial safety fitness determination (SFD) rulemaking issued in January 2016 and will also cancel plans to issue a supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking (SNPRM) announced back in January to help support the SFD effort. Per the FMCSA: “The new methodology would have determined when a motor carrier is not fit to…

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No Celebrating Holiday Cargo Theft

cargo theft

Weekends are historically bad for cargo theft, but holiday weekends are notoriously awful. Thanksgiving weekend is historically a hotbed of cargo theft activity. Freightwatch International reported that last year’s holiday cargo thefts averaged about 3 per day, which is about a 27% increase compared to non-holiday weekends. Last year’s Thanksgiving weekend led to 18 reported…

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Cargo Theft Up 40% This Weekend?

Here is a free checklist to help you prepare for the increased cargo theft exposure! Free Weekend/Holiday Cargo Theft Checklist   While you’re enjoying a nice hot dog or hamburger with your friends and family, cargo thieves will be watching and waiting in an attempt to help your company become a cargo theft statistic! According…

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How To Ignite Your Insurance Sales Pipeline!!

Carrier Risk Solutions, Inc. presents our latest whitepaper on igniting your insurance sales pipeline! Do you really want to grow your book of business in 2016? Are you tired of doing the same boring marketing crap over and over thinking you’ll get drastically different results than in the past?   The market is shifting like…

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DOT Compliance Tip of the Day! Keep your Accident Records!!

Want a tip in your inbox daily? Sign up here!!

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Join the Transportation Safety Professionals of America Today!!

Only $14 per month to join!!  Each day, I strive to provide as much value as possible to my friends. I wanted to let you know about a new movement that I’m spearheading. On April, 1 2016, I’m launching the Transportation Safety Professionals Association of America! This community is dedicated to improving fleet safety and regulatory…

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3 Easy Ways To Ruin Your Freight Brokerage

I’m sure that there are many ways to easily ruin your freight brokering business or that division of your trucking/transportation company. But, here are three different ways that might not be that clear or well understood. Let’s get to it!   #1 Not Giving A Crap About Carrier Compliance   Having a good slate of…

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Trucking Risk Tip of the Day!

Please share on your favorite site: Would one of your friends enjoy these? Please forward this link to them: We provide these for free because we truly care about the transportation and logistics industry and about protecting those who are in it. If you could find a spare moment to share this on your favorite social media…

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How To Actually Prevent Cargo Theft

Excellent video that really outlines the issues that cargo theft presents in the economy today! Well worth the time to watch!   DFW Cargo Theft News Story   Dallas isn’t alone, as their video shows. Atlanta, Southern California, New York/New Jersey area, All of Florida and the greater Chicagoland area are all major hubs for…

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